School Board Recognizes Student for Aiding Resident in Dog Attack

Perris Union High School District recognized Adrian Garcia, a student at Perris High School, at their monthly meeting on April 15, 2015. Adrian was commended for his quick thinking and prompt action in assisting Perris resident Paula Johnson in the incident described briefly below:
On August 1, 2014 about 6:00 PM, Ms. Paula Johnson walked across the street from her home to pick up her neighbor's mail.  When Paula reached the sidewalk, she felt something on her right ankle.  As Paula turned around to look what was on her ankle, she saw her neighbor’s German Shepherd.  Paula then felt something on her left ankle and saw another dog owned by the same neighbor.
Both dog’s started biting Paula, one on each side of her!  Paula began screaming and yelling for help as loud as she could but to no avail.  Paula could see that there were about six people on each side of the street that just stood and watched what was happening to her.
When Paula fell to the ground, she felt she did not have much time left because she began to black out, but then she looked up and saw a young man looking down at her.  The dogs had stopped biting her and Paula was able to get up. Suddenly, one of her neighbors pulled their car up to her so she could jump in.
A few days later, Paula wanted to find the young man but didn’t know where to find him because she had never seen him before.  Paula did not give up and learned that the young man lived a few streets over and that his name was Adrian Garcia.  When Paula thanked him for helping her, she asked “How did you get them to stop?”  Adrian replied “I just started kicking the dogs.”  

Adrian was 15 years old at the time.
PUHSD and Perris High are very proud of Adrian for aiding someone in need of help and for his quick action in the face of danger.